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Whatsapp Marketing

Digitally Services, the best wholesale Whatsapp Marketing Software provider in Delhi, India. We have been providing bulk WhatsApp messaging & Whatsapp Marketing Software service to both India and International for many years. We provide an easy to use WhatsApp Marketing Software where you can upload your own database to send bulk messages. You can send images / videos / audio / PDF formats through the bulk WhatsApp messaging software platform. In addition to normal text messages, bulk WhatsApp messages can support multiple media files for brand communication.

Marketing is changing in today’s digital world. The major factor for change is the adoption of new technology by the crowd. Marketers began their journey digitally with digital and cold email, going through some evergreen marketing channels such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media sensations such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., buying programmatic media. And emerging Q&A platforms have reached Quora. But somewhere in this entire journey, the domestic messaging application “WhatsApp”, which was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and John Koum, was mostly missed by businesses. This application has more than 1.2 billion monthly users. The good news is slowly and steadily making businesses realize the power of WhatsApp. To help businesses to ease the path of WhatsApp marketing, the bulk WhatsApp marketing tool has entered the market.

Whatsapp Marketing

What is WhatsApp Marketing? Why should you use it?
WhatsApp is the most in-demand messaging application in the world. The key factors for its success are simplicity of application and a sense of personal touch. It encapsulates the logic of 175 million active WhatsApp users. The huge acceptance of WhatsApp is the golden opportunity for marketers. But so far, WhatsApp has not launched any advertising platform or business profile similar to Facebook messaging application for marketers on which they can go to the bank.

 Bright Places WhatsApp has confirmed that they are working on developing a discrete business platform. But marketers around the world stop using WhatsApp in their marketing strategy, only that they are extremely innovative in their WhatsApp marketing approach if you ask why read again;

The condition of connecting with prospects on WhatsApp is that they should have your contact number saved. You can, of course, bombard messages from a customer database purchased from a third party company without users saving your contact number, but we all know what happens after that – “BLOCKED FOR LIFETIME”! No business would dare to take this risk. 

Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is very much related to email marketing, in which obtaining consent to contact users via email is very important. With consent in WhatsApp marketing, there is another additional step; User must save your number. It is important to note that WhatsApp has become the most beloved of users largely due to its privacy and personal touch. If you attack it, you are doing it wrong. So marketers need to be very creative in explicitly collecting users’ contact numbers.

Wholesale whatsapp marketing
This company has 3 Best products for marketers to choose from;

a. Bulk whatsapp software
This product allows sending over 1000 messages in all available formats in the market such as image, audio, video etc. Some advanced features have also been provided to manage WhatsApp campaigns.

B. WhatsApp Marketing Services
A web-based best WhatsApp messaging platform is provided with just 3 easy steps to send messages. Up to 10,000+ messages of all formats can be sent.

C. Wholesale whatsapp channel
Bulk WhatsApp registered numbers are provided for high quality fresh WhatsApp channels.

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